Teaching Hypnobirthing, Prenatal Health, and Yoga Through Podcasting with Kristy Rodriguez


“I’m a birth geek, because I’m just so passionate about this topic.” -Kristy Rodriguez Click To Tweet

Today’s Episode:

Kristy Rodriguez is a mom, prenatal health coach, prenatal yoga teacher, and a hypnobirthing child birthing educator. She is also the creator of the Pure Nurture blog and the author of Pure Nurture: A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Baby and the host of the Pure Nurture Podcast. She uses several different platforms to get her message of empowering women to nurture and nourish themselves through pregnancy and motherhood to create a healthy new life for both mom and baby.

One of these platforms is her podcast. Kristy’s story is a bit unique, because she wasn’t a podcast listener. When she launched her book, she had a publicist who booked her on several podcasts. She was actually a podcast guest before becoming a listener. After some doubt and “microphone fright” she realized that her guest appearances turned out better than she thought. Although as she dove further into podcasting, she realized that the editing process may have helped a bit. 

On this episode, we talk about how Kristy was at first reluctant to become a mom, but then how she found her passion for holistic health, wellness, and being a birth coach. She always had a passion for teaching and now teaches live classes in the DC area along with online classes. Kristy specializes in prenatal and postpartum wellness and birth preparation through various yoga, meditation, and hypnobirthing classes. She also shares some great books and resources for birth education. 

Kristy shares how her podcast has allowed her to share more knowledge from other experts. She also loves it when she gets positive feedback from listeners. She’s also pleased that her download numbers continue to go up. We also get to learn about Kristy’s podcast setup and the tools and programs she uses to make podcasting a little easier. She also shares her biggest challenge when podcasting. Which is one many of us can relate too. 

“For the first 3 to 5 years of our marriage, I would see that pregnancy and childbirth section at the bookstore, and I’d be like oh no. I couldn’t think about that part of my life.” -Kristy Rodriguez Click To Tweet

Show Notes:

  • [03:48] Kristy has had two babies and used hypnobirthing for her second birth. It opened up a whole new world to her. She is now super passionate about this topic.
  • [04:13] She reads about healthy births and pregnancies just for pleasure. 
  • [04:25] She teaches prenatal yoga. She’s a prenatal health coach and a hypnobirthing child birthing educator. She is the author of Pure Nurture: A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Baby and the host of the Pure Nurture Podcast.
  • [04:42] Kristy has discovered that she loves podcasting and connecting with other birth professionals. 
  • [06:22] When Kristy was first married she wanted to postpone children because she had so much that she wanted to do. When she hit 30 her and her husband knew they needed to make a decision. 
  • [06:37] She asked herself if she wanted to have children in her life when she was 50 or 60. She had her first daughter at 34 years old. 
  • [08:58] At her core she is a teacher. She taught English for awhile. She loves sharing messages that inspire people to be healthy and lead healthier lives.
  • [10:43] Podcasting is a platform that allows Kristy to create a beautiful diverse combination of teachings.
  • [12:13] Pure Nurture is a community that consists of the podcast, classes, online classes, the blog, and the book. 
  • [12:55] The podcast has allowed her a wider reach. 
  • [15:33] She’s not sure if the podcast has brought extra clients into the door, but she does know that the information she shares brings extra support to her clients. 
  • [16:55] When people reach out to Kristy and thank her for the podcast, it really helps at those times that she is feeling down.
  • [18:30] Seeing her numbers grow gives Kristy’s podcast energy a boost. 
  • [19:32] She began using Ecamm and Skype to record her interviews. She now uses Zoom. 
  • [20:15] She then downloads the calls to garage band on her Mac. She then exports the files to Basecamp for the PPS team to do final edits and upload to Libsyn. She also has a VA to help with the show notes. 
  • [23:33] She makes images on Canva and uses them for social media like Facebook and Instagram. She also has a weekly email where she shares her episodes. 
  • [24:01] Calendly saves time for scheduling guests. She has a prebuilt questionnaire within Calendly. 
  • [26:12] When her book launched, her PR person booked her on a bunch of podcasts. She was so nervous, but when she listened back, she thought she sounded good. 
  • [27:23] A year or two later she sat in on a breakout session for podcasting. She then purchased a step-by-step course and followed it. She also heard Amy Porterfield say that she uses Pro Podcast Solutions for her editing, so she thought if Amy uses them, she could too.
  • [29:15] The biggest challenge with podcasting is the time it takes. Kristy does pre-edits to make sure she is making the right point. 
  • [31:28] Kristy is really working on establishing her online school and how best to serve moms. She’s also consistently releasing a podcast every week. She has also got some big name guests to agree to be on her show.
  • [32:47] She’s also going to do some solo casts in 2020.
  • [33:18] Pure Nurture is a book about healthy pregnancy. 
  • [36:17] She loves Marc Anthony and Shakira. 
  • [37:40] You can find Kristy online. She teaches live classes the Virginia. 
  • [38:14] Darrell’s Takeaways: Kristy said she doesn’t have all of the answers and nobody does. So many of us put off starting a podcast, because we feel like an impostor on some level. Don’t get bogged down in download numbers. Each download is a person. Audience feedback teaches and brings encouragement. 
“I love podcasting. I love connecting with other birth professionals and other people who work in the field of pregnancy and postpartum wellness.” -Kristy Rodriguez Click To Tweet

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