Living an Honest Authentic Life While Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.


“I have my motto for 2020 already. I wanted something to motivate me or remind me of my purpose in helping others.” -Aimee J. Share on X

Today’s Episode:

I am so happy to have the wonderful Aimee J. here to talk about chasing your dreams and living an authentic life. Aimee is a wonderfully positive person to be around. She always makes me smile. She is the host of the Chasing Dreams podcast. Aimee interviews people who have achieved their dreams by taking chances. She believes that everyone should live without regrets. It’s her goal to inspire people to make moves, take chances, and chase their dreams. 

Aimee knows a little bit about this topic. She has a master’s degree in computer science, she was a NASA engineer, and she is an attorney. In spite of these achievements, she didn’t feel happy with what she was doing until she discovered podcasting. What started out as a fun hobby with a friend about their favorite show led to a calling and passion to help other people. Aimee uses her Chasing Dreams podcast to inspire and help others achieve their dreams. 

She shares her background and the story that led to this passion. She also shares her setup and how she runs things behind the scenes. She has a producer and a VA along with help from Pro Podcast Solutions. This is the perfect episode for the beginning of the year. Aimee shares her motto for this year and how it will be woven into everything that she does. She also shares some unique things that she has done to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

We also get to hear about what she has in store for the future and the direction she is taking her show and plans for merchandise. We talk about how everyone is enough and should get started pursuing their dreams. We also talk about how special listener feedback can be and the importance of gratitude. This episode will inspire you and make you smile. 

“Regardless of what happens this year, I’m excited for it and I’m going to embrace it.” -Aimee J. Share on X

Show Notes:

  • [02:54] Aimee is always smiling and has a positive glow. There’s something about her that makes me feel better after speaking with her.
  • [04:09] Aimee chooses a motto a year. She wants something to guide her year. 2019 was embrace your fears. The 2020 motto is I am enough. This reminds her that who she is and how she is is enough for this world. 
  • [05:18] Having a certain level of ability is enough, but she wants to make it to the best of her ability. 2020 is a milestone year for Aimee, because she turns 40.
  • [07:41] Aimee is a twin. Her and her sister are very different. She’s an Indian in America. In India, she’s seen as an American. In America, she’s not always seen that way. She also has cultural expectations that are always playing out.
  • [08:36] She had a college scholarship in computer science. 
  • [09:28] She had an internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She worked there after college and got her master’s in computer science. 
  • [09:59] She wasn’t happy with what she was doing, so she decided to go to law school like her twin sister.
  • [10:53] She had a wonderful mentorship and a job, but she still wasn’t happy with it.
  • [11:08] She started experimenting with podcasting.
  • [11:38] She loved podcasting with her friend about her favorite show. She enjoyed working on the podcast and on social media. Her podcast caught the attention of the cast and crew of the show Haven. 
  • [12:00] They even got to do a whole day of interviews on the set in Canada. 
  • [12:24] The show ended in 2016, but people still listen to the podcast.
  • [12:46] The power of podcasting brought everyone together.
  • [13:28] There are so many people who are following their passions and who are happy, especially in creative arts.
  • [13:45] Aimee decided to do a show called Aimee J. Live where she talked to her friends who were happy. She did this for about six months.
  • [14:03] She raised money with a Go Fund Me account to podcast. 
  • [14:35] Darrell and PPS helped Aimee get going with equipment, intro, outro, show art, and everything. 
  • [15:09] It was slow, but people started listening. She also got a job offer with Comcast. She moved to Philadelphia and took the job.
  • [16:00] It’s now her goal to help people and show them that they are and they can do what they want to do. It’s her job to help others chase their dreams. 
  • [16:31] Her day job helps fund her podcast. She is still having fun. 
  • [19:43] Aimee sends her guests gifts. Her episodes aren’t made by themselves, so she wants to give back to those that she is grateful for. She sends guests wristbands that say Don’t Stop, Keep Going. 
  • [24:00] To meet people at Podcast Movement, Aimee carried two signs that said I am a Dream Chaser or Chase Your Dreams. She would take pictures with the sign and share on social. She would follow-up and nurture the relationship.
  • [28:53] It was a fun way to meet people and get to know them.
  • [31:10] Aimee now has a producer. She uses a Calendly link to schedule guests. She also sends them a Google form with questions. She also asks for a picture for artwork. Each interview has a folder with notes. They also have final version files. Her producer now handles all of this stuff. She creates a bio and audio notes. 
  • [33:59] She also has a VA.
  • [36:07] Podcasting can be time consuming. Aimee is a fan of batching. Balancing everything is the challenge. Her solution was switching from weekly to biweekly.
  • [39:16] A listener posted that one of the episodes changed her life. Feedback can mean so much, and it’s appreciated. 
  • [42:15] Aimee feels she can do more to help people. She wants to talk more about mental health. She wants to encourage people that they are enough. She is going to have merchandise and do more speaking.
  • [45:58] Aimee’s uncle would always teach them to give back. It was the motto for his life. He was known as the jewel of the church.
  • [51:12] Darrell’s takeaways: She makes him smile. You are enough. We need to get started and that means we are enough. We should all be looking for ways to stand out with our podcasts. Aimee sent recognition plaques to her first 100 guests. She also takes her Dream Chaser board to conferences. If you’re overwhelmed, start by giving something small to a VA. Always be giving.
“Podcasting changed my life. I loved jumping on the microphone and talking to my friend about a show that we loved passionately.” -Aimee J. Share on X

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