Turning ADHD Coping Strategies Into a Successful Podcast with Eric Tivers


“What was really reinforcing for me was the listener feedback that I was getting from people sharing their stories.” -Eric Tivers Click To Tweet

Today’s Episode:

Eric Tivers is the host of the ADHD reWired podcast which is a number one rated and reviewed podcast on the topic of ADHD in Apple podcasts. Eric is a licensed clinical social worker, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and productivity enthusiast. He loves helping people and after a few different paths, he discovered that podcasting about ADHD and coaching people with ADHD was the perfect fit.

When Eric was in college he discovered that he had ADHD. He knew something was wrong when the more he studied the worse his grades became. During the summer, he went on a date with someone who had ADHD, and a light bulb went off, and he realized that he might also have ADHD. He was diagnosed and medicated, but he knew he still needed strategies for coping with it. It was a long and winding road, but he now helps others with the things that he has learned and is still learning.

Eric’s podcast has reached a milestone and passed the 300 episode mark. Eric shares some of the most impactful moments created through the podcast. One was how a heartfelt listener letter led to him switching from solo episodes to interviews. He also shares how he almost didn’t publish his most personal and authentic episode, but when he did, it became his most popular episode. 

He was one of the first podcasters in the ADHD space, but many others are now in the space. Eric shares how he feels about this and his philosophy around competitors. He also shares how his willingness to experiment and try new things has led to things working out better than he thought. We even get a personal story about the impact ADHD reWired had on a former PPS team member. Eric shares abundant knowledge about podcasting, learning what works, and ADHD.

“My mind was always wondering. It was like hitting the scan button in the car radio. My mind was permanently stuck on scan.” -Eric Tivers Click To Tweet

Show Notes:

  • [03:56] Eric didn’t learn that he had ADHD until he was in college. He got a 2.2 GPA in his first semester in college. He put down the beers and hit the books and ended up with a 1.8 GPA. 
  • [04:33] He knew something wasn’t right. 
  • [05:49] During the summer he had a dinner date with someone who said they had ADHD. One clue was reading that triggered thoughts and never focusing on the reading. 
  • [06:38] He went to the school health center and got evaluated for ADHD. 
  • [08:28] The medication allowed him to quiet all of his thoughts. He felt normal for the first time. His head wasn’t in the clouds.
  • [09:31] He became the hardest working yet least efficient student on the campus.
  • [09:47] After grad school, he realized that he needed strategies to go along with his medication.
  • [12:02] He changed his major to social work and fell in love with it. When you enjoy what you are learning, it’s fun.
  • [13:36] He began working with autism and found that there were a lot of similarities between autism and ADHD such as challenges with task transitioning. 
  • [17:42] He got a job as a clinical program director in a residential treatment center for autism. This lasted for 18 months.
  • [18:02] Then he worked with kids with Asperger’s Syndrome. He ended up getting laid off, and it was time to start his own practice.
  • [19:51] He then worked with autism and ADHD in his own practice.
  • [21:19] Two years into it, his son was diagnosed with autism. He started his podcast the same day. 
  • [23:22] He decided to step away from working with families on the spectrum and focus more on his podcast.
  • [23:33] It started as a solo show. His first guest interview was with a listener that sent him a beautiful letter. 
  • [27:24] Listener’s were grateful when Eric shared that he actually had ADHD. 
  • [28:19] He now runs coaching groups for people with ADHD. 
  • [30:48] He had to scale back from three groups to two groups. Now he has a membership program. 
  • [31:42] Everything has evolved just like the podcast. The less he focuses on, the more he does.
  • [35:13] Ironically, the more missteps he took with the podcast, the more popular it became. He tries to just show up and be human.
  • [37:15] He’s trying to shorten his episodes and get closer to the 45-minute mark.
  • [37:37] He spends a lot of time writing his ads and trying to make them engaging and compelling. This is how he gets people to sign up for his coaching programs.
  • [40:12] Eric has reached 300 episodes. That’s a milestone. 
  • [43:31] Eric has also helped start other podcasts. When it comes to competition, he doesn’t think there’s a shortage of people who need help. What resonates with one person might resonate differently for someone else, so there’s room in the space.
  • [47:56] ADHD reWired is impacting lives.
  • [51:42] Darrell’s takeaways: The two things that made the biggest impact on Eric’s podcast are the letter from the listener which led him to interviewing that listener, and the episode he recorded in the car that showed his authenticity. He also makes sure that he keeps his listeners in mind. Who is your listener? What do they want to listen to? Things happen, you’re going to miss an episode. Welcome competitors in your space.
“I got my diagnosis and started medication for it, and it was like my brain got glasses.” -Eric Tivers Click To Tweet

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