Podcast Tips from the Experts at Podfest


“Allow your personality to come out and play in your podcast, that is what people are going to identify with.” -Super Joe Pardo Share on X

Today’s Episode:

I talked to some amazing podcast hosts and podcast professionals when I was at Podfest in Orlando. It was a great experience, and many experts were kind enough to share podcast tips that will help podcasters and especially beginners have a smooth start and a show that they feel great about. Super Joe Pardo who runs the Independent Podcast Conference shares the importance of letting your personality shine through and the goal that you should have to move the needle. 

Then I talk with Glenn the Geek who has been podcasting since 2006 and has hosted thousands of shows. He runs the Horse Radio Network and the Florida Podcast Network. Glenn talks about the importance of consistency and what sponsors are really looking for. If advertising is something you are interested in, his advice is very useful. Chris Curran from Podcast Engineering School shares tips for microphone technique including how to speak soft and low and speak loudly. 

Harry Duran from Podcast Junkies talks about how to leverage the power of SEO in your podcast and how and why you should do that. If legal issues are something you’re concerned about, pay special attention to this next clip from Gordon Firemark, the podcast lawyer. Gordon talks about protecting your brand and content and gives us information on the types of consent forms and contracts that are useful to podcasters. 

Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting gives super good advice about what new podcasters really shouldn’t do. Even though it’s a common mistake that many make. Jeni Wren Stottrup from Gritty Birds Podcasting gives a great tip for avoiding perfectionism and fear. Craig from Ingles Podcast talks about the importance of audience engagement. Coach Chris from The Personal Branding Playbook talks about how important marketing is. Emily Peck Prokop from E Podcast Productions talks about not trying to do everything all at once, and Christy Haussler from Team Podcast rounds out the show with her advice on rankings and list building. 

“Sponsors are buying and trusting you to do what you say you’re going to do which is bring them business. That’s ultimately what they want.” -Glenn the Geek Share on X

Show Notes:

  • [03:13] Super Joe Pardo runs the Independent Podcast Conference, and he feels that it’s important to have your personality come out in your podcast. The goal all the time is to move the needle and make people feel something.
  • [04:09] Glenn the Geek is from the Horse Radio and Florida Podcast Network. He’s been podcasting since 2006. It takes awhile to make money. You need to be consistent. Sponsors are buying you not your show. 
  • [06:27] Go to small companies in your niche. Work with them and involve them from the beginning.
  • [07:53] Chris Curran runs Podcast Engineering School. He teaches people how to engineer and produce podcasts at a professional level. He also hosts the podcast engineering show.
  • [08:43] Microphone technique is really important. Stay close and speak into the microphone from the right angle. You can get closer to sound soft and low. Lean back to say something loud. Be passionate and love what you are talking about.
  • [09:26] Harry Duran is the host of Podcast Junkies. His tip is to leverage the SEO power of podcasting. Choose a name that people are searching for that also speaks to a pain point.
  • [10:08] Be careful how you choose your name and what you put in your description. Choose words that people are searching for.
  • [10:16] Gordon Firemark is the podcast lawyer. Creating media content is big business, so think of yourself as a business. You may need to form a company.
  • [11:10] Protect yourself by protecting your title and your brand. Register a trademark for your brand and a copyright for your content.
  • [11:41] Get consent from your guests in the form of a release. Use royalty free music or make sure you have the proper license. Always use contracts.
  • [13:10] Dave Jackson is from the School of Podcasting. He also works for Libsyn tech support. Don’t compare your show to other people’s shows. 
  • [14:28] Jeni Wren Stottrup is from Gritty Birds Podcasting. She’s a producer, editor, and podcast coach. Once you have a concept of what your show is then get your equipment and record right away.
  • [15:33] Craig from Ingles Podcast says gauge the success of your podcast by audience engagement as opposed to download numbers.
  • [18:30] Coach Chris from The Personal Branding Playbook says sharing episodes instead of marketing them is one of the biggest mistakes he sees podcasters make.
  • [23:10] Emily Peck Prokop from E Podcast Productions says new podcasters need to start with one step at a time and stop trying to do everything at once.
  • [24:01] Christy Haussler from Team Podcast says not to focus on ranking in iTunes categories because it won’t translate to anything tangible. The list is a vanity metric. Every podcaster should begin with an offer of something free to build their email list. 
  • [26:13] Darrell’s takeaways: Build that email list. Sponsors are buying you. Don’t get too clever with your podcast name. Make your podcast name easily searchable. Focus on engaging with your audience. Provide a way for your listeners to engage with you. Keeping a spreadsheet of your listeners is really helpful. Focus on one thing at a time. 
“Microphone technique is really big. You can get closer when you say something soft and low.” -Chris Curran Share on X

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