Welcome to Pro Podcast Solutions

You have just traveled through the magical portal that transports folks from Golden Spiral Media over here to Pro Podcast Solutions.

Why did you end up here?

For the last couple of years Golden Spiral Media has been a company with two branches.  One branch is the podcasting branch and the other branch is the podcast production and consulting branch.  However, as each of those branches have grown, they’ve each needed more space.  Not only that, it’s caused confusion for some listeners and clients.  Because of the need to let each branch flourish and have their own identity, we have separated the two branches into two entities.

Golden Spiral Media now only represents the podcasts that are actually hosted by Golden Spiral Media, and Pro Podcast Solutions now the go-to place for professional podcast production and consulting services.

We’ve not only brought our existing services over here, but we’ve added a bunch of new services too.  So if you’re a business professional looking for professional podcast production, need help starting a podcast or improving your existing podcast, need a great looking website, or have a need for professional voice narration, you’ve come to the right place.

Click on the Podcast Productions Services Link at the top of this page and discover all the ways we make podcasts great!