75-Point Podcast Evaluation

Podcast EvaluationIf you’re a podcaster who is looking for ways to improve your podcast, then you’ve come to the right place! Our Podcast Evaluation is an in-depth examination of your entire podcast. We take a look at 75 different components that every podcast should have in place. We analyze a podcast episode of your choice and give you feedback on 29 different elements. We share what you’re doing right and make suggestions on how the podcast can be improved. We also take a look at 29 elements of your website and provide you with feedback on how you can leverage it to better engage your audience, gain new subscribers, and grow your mailing list. We wrap up the evaluation by analyzing 17 elements of your iTunes listing and provide you with feedback on how you can improve search results and convert lookers into listeners. Once we’ve finished our evaluation, we’ll give you a written copy of it and set up a 1-hour consultation to answer any questions you have and help you develop a strategy to achieve your podcasting goals.

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