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Professional Podcast Services

A robust selection of done-for-you podcast services so you can get more done with minimal effort. Start with our Standard Editing service, then choose your add-ons.

Podcast Production Services

All episodes receive our Standard Editing service. In addition to our Standard Editing, you may choose to add any of our other production services to enhance your podcast.

Standard Editing ($97/episode*)

  • Editing out any major gaps in the conversation to ensure the conversation flows smoothly.
  • Audio-production enhancements, including vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, hiss/hum removal, and equalization.
  • Mixing in any intros, outros, commercials, or music bumpers.
  • Mixing down to industry loudness standard.
  • Converting to high quality MP3.
  • Tagging the MP3 file with the proper ID3 meta tags.
  • Publishing the completed episode to your website and/or media host.

* Up to 66 minutes raw audio length. Raw audio in excess of 66 minutes is billed at $122/episode.

Episode Add-On Services

We believe in the power of customization, which is why we also offer numerous a la carte services to complement our production packages. Craft your perfect podcast package by adding a la carte services to our Standard Editing service, or purchase stand-alone items to meet your specific requirements (see pricing below).

Pro Editing

Our Pro Editing Service adds even more clean up for those who need more than our Standard Editing Service. It’s designed for those who want a podcast that is as tight and professional as possible by removing “ums,” filler words, and crutch phrases.

+$80 / episode

Show Notes

Turn your audio into a helpful set of notes for your visitors. Podcast Show Notes are perfect for search engines and those with hearing loss. Show Notes also promote better listener engagement and revenue generating opportunities.

+$70 / episode

Image Pack

Our episode image pack provides 4 social media-ready images which are tailored to your preferred networks and aligned with your branding and colors. You can also use one of the image choices to create an engaging featured image for use on your website.

+$40 / episode


Audiograms are shareable, engaging short videos that feature a podcast audio snippet and branded graphic. Audiograms are perfect for promoting an inspirational quote or hot take from your episode across all social media platforms.

+$25 / episode

Video Editing

Includes trimming off any non-related conversation at the beginning and end, add title card to beginning and end, audio mastering of voice balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, and equalization. Does not include content edits.

+$97 / episode

Other Services

We also offer stand-alone services not related to podcast production. Do you need to update your podcast cover art or intro? Are you having trouble with episodes showing up in directories or need to move to a new podcast hosting company? Maybe you’d like to get advice on your podcast format or how to better engage your audience? Whatever your needs are, we can help!

1-on-1 Consulting

For technical issues, equipment guidance, podcast improvement tips, launch advice, or audience engagement assistance, we’re here to help. (30-minute minimum.)

$175 / hour

Podcast RSS

We’ll set up your podcast hosting account with the host of your choice, and submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and additional directories as requested.


Intros & Outros

Our Intro & Outro service features a professional voice artist, royalty-free music, and script assistance. Upon completion, you’ll own full rights. ($1 per additional word.)

$500 / 80 words

Custom Artwork Design

Impressive podcast cover art is crucial to attract potential listeners. Our professional designers collaborate with you to create eye-catching artwork.


Launching a brand new podcast?

Take a look at out Podcast Launch Package: a white-glove, start-to-finish service to help you launch a brand new podcast from start to finish.