Video Editing Packages



Audio & Video Editing Only

  • Standard Video Editing
  • Standard Audio Editing

Video Plus


Video Package Plus Show Notes

  • Standard Video Editing
  • Standard Audio Editing
  • Show Notes

Video Advanced



  • Standard Video Editing
  • Standard Audio Editing
  • Show Notes
  • Social Image Pack
  • Video Thumbnail
  • Videogram x 3

All packages include publishing episodes to your media host ( i.e. Libsyn, Captivate, RedCircle, etc), YouTube, and your website. All packages include working with the same team members for each episode, as well as having a dedicated account manager.

Description of Services

Standard Video Editing

Our Standard Video Editing Service includes trimming off any non-related conversation at the beginning and end and adding a title card to the beginning and end of a single camera or video source. Audio mastering with vocal balancing, noise & room echo reduction, and equalization is included. Does not include content edits. Publishing the video to YouTube is included.

Standard Audio Editing

Our Standard Audio Editing Service is designed for those who don’t need a lot of filler word cleanup, or those who desire a more natural and authentic sound to their podcast. It included editing out gaps in the conversation, vocal balancing, noise & room echo reduction, and equalization. It also includes mixing in ads, intros, and bumpers as well as publishing to your media host and website.

Show Notes

Our Show Notes are perfect for search engines and those with hearing loss. Show Notes also promote better listener engagement and revenue generating opportunities. Our Show Notes include a 2-4 paragraph summary, time stamps denoting discussion points, and resource links to your social media and other resources mentioned in each episode.

Social Image Pack

Our Social Image Pack provides 4 social media-ready images which are tailored to your preferred networks and aligned with your branding and colors. You can also use one of the image choices to create an engaging featured image for use on your website.

Video Thumbnail

Our Video Thumbnail Service creates a thumbnail for the video version of the episode. The Thumbnail is tailored to match your branding and colors and includes text and design focused on catching the eye of YouTube viewers.


Videograms are shareable, engaging short videos that feature an inspirational quote or hot take from your episode. VideoGrams can be used as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok, and are perfect for promoting your podcast across all social media platforms.