Defining Success by Impact with Patrice Washington from Redefining Wealth

by Darrell Darnell | Pro Podcaster Stories

Today’s Episode:

Welcome to the first episode of Pro Podcaster Stories where we talk to podcasters to find out what drives them to be content creators and podcasters. We take a deep dive into why they started, how they define success, and more. I’m your host Darrell Darnell the owner of Pro Podcast Solutions a company that helps podcasters save time and avoid frustration, so that they can focus on what they enjoy the most.

Today, I’m talking to the uber successful best-selling author and highly sought after motivational speaker Patrice Washington. Patrice is a successful coach, entrepreneur and TV personality. She is also the host of The Redefining Wealth Podcast. On this episode, Patrice shares nuggets of wisdom that could help you on your podcast journey, but she also inspires us all with her story. 

Patrice became a successful entrepreneur with a 7-figure business by the time she was 25 years old. Then she lost it all just to build another successful brand that she ended up shutting down to pursue her true passion. Now Patrice helps women just like herself who want to do good work in the world and get paid well for doing so. She is a true inspiration, and it was a pleasure having this conversation with her.  


Show Notes

  • [02:26] Patrice and Darrell met at Podcast Movement 2018. 
  • [03:03] Darrell loved everything about Patrice and hoped to be able to work with her in the future. Now that he works with her, he loves what she is doing with her podcast and feels it’s a tremendous honor to be a part of it. 
  • [03:45] Patrice was very focused. and she wanted to work with someone who had the right temperament and style to help her with her launch. 
  • [04:19] She knew she needed an editor and tried some different options before she tried Pro Podcast Solutions. She found PPS to be a great fit and is happy to work with Darrell as well. 
  • [04:56] Chase Purpose Not Money is Patrice’s podcast tagline. 
  • [05:22] Patrice was known as America’s Money Maven and everything was about budgeting and wealth building. She started sharing that there was so much to building wealth than just the numbers and financial literacy side of things. 
  • [06:28] She wanted to expand what she was doing on The Steve Harvey Show because wealth isn’t just about money and material possessions, it’s about well-being. 
  • [07:17] In her own life she was focusing on creating well-being. Having a strong sense of purpose is what helped her be as successful as she is. 
  • [07:34] The purpose is what kept leading her. The conversation she wanted to have was chasing purpose not money. She wanted to tell the truth about what helped her. 
  • [08:51] Patrice has always had a passion about financial education. She didn’t see many people who looked like her talking about it. It was nice to see some women like Suze Orman and Barbara Stanny. 
  • [09:52] Patrice got into real estate at age 19 and became a broker at 21. She used financial education as a gateway to build her business. She was passionate about building wealth with real estate. Her current husband was her business partner. When the recession hit, they lost the business. 
  • [10:29] She didn’t become compassionate until she had lost everything. 
  • [13:01] Patrice committed herself to helping others to seek wisdom. It’s a mindset thing. After she lost everything, she didn’t want to see other people go through what she went through. 
  • [15:13] Redefining Wealth is based on six pillars. The fifth pillar is about becoming your best self. This means being physically and mentally fit, because all wealth starts in your mind.
  • [16:51] Steve Harvey recommended that Patrice read some personal development books, and this started her development of the mind. 
  • [19:00] Patrice takes in information, so that she can implement it. Success leaves clues. 
  • [20:54] For the first seven or eight years, Patrice was under the umbrella of Real Money Answers. She then shut everything down and launched Redefining Wealth in 2017. She received a great response.
  • [22:37] I Heart Radio suggested she do a podcast. 
  • [24:14] Patrice wanted to be all in and went to Podcast Movement. She sent the intention of finding what she needed and met Darrell. The podcast was launched a few weeks later.
  • [26:34] Success for Patrice with her podcast is having an International impact. She wants to reach women and people who would have never had the opportunity to meet her. She hopes she can help create a shift in belief of what is possible. 
  • [28:12] This podcast has been Patrice’s greatest joy. It gives her an ability to define who her audience is and speak to their hearts. 
  • [29:09] Her purpose shapes her business and her podcast. Patrice has an ideal avatar named Sandy. What would help her is what she talks about. The podcast is the foundation of everything that she does.
  • [30:26] Where else can you go and get people’s attention the way you can with a podcast?
  • [31:44] Challenges included being prepared for solo episodes if you want to position yourself as a thought leader. 
  • [33:02] Patrice hired a voice over person to do her intro. She realized that this wasn’t authentic. Does it feel authentic is a critical question to ask. 
  • [36:14] Patrice’s Dad was an entrepreneur who made his own schedule. This set an example, and Patrice wanted to be one. 
  • [38:57] Patrice loves Beyoncé Before I Let Go the remix. 
  • [40:21] Darrell shares his takeaways from Patrice’s inspiring interview.

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