Raising Kids and Running a Successful Business in Harmony Through the Use of Systems with Rebekah Scott


“A podcast is the simplest and cheapest form of getting your voice out there.” -Rebekah Scott Click To Tweet

Today’s Episode:

Rebekah Scott is the founder of Rebekah Scott Designs. This is a business she created to allow her to do what she loves at home with her kids and still make a living. She says that all she ever wanted to do was sew in her happy place and raise kids. It turns out, she not only designs amazing bags and purses, she also was able to design the exact life she wanted to live. She even put a unique spin on creating a giant studio in their farmhouse that is large enough for the entire family to use as a studio. 

She’s also the host of The Encourager Podcast which is about helping women to be successful moms and business women without all of the guilt that moms often have when trying to focus on their businesses or work. Rebekah believes that it’s possible to be a successful mom and a successful entrepreneur, and she encourages other women to do the same. Having the right systems in place is what enables Rebekah to do so much. She has a system for food, work, family, and me time. She regularly shares her systems and experiences on her podcast. 

Rebekah has also learned to make her podcast work for her by reducing the number of episodes she does per season. Her focus is on high quality but fewer episodes. She also shares some great tips for finding what your audience wants and asking the right questions. She even shares a story that will hit home to many of us that was the inspiration for starting her podcast and sharing what she has learned. She has done all of this while building and running a successful business and sharing it with her kids and family. She is also the author of Equipped to Execute, and she runs an Encourager Community Group to reach and help more women.

“When people walk away from me the one thing I want them to take away is encouragement.” -Rebekah Scott Click To Tweet

Show Notes:

  • [04:47] When Rebekah was starting who podcast, she asked friends and family what one positive word would best describe her, and The Encourager Podcast was born. 
  • [05:04] Being encouraging is also a spiritual gift for Rebekah.
  • [06:05] It’a not uncommon for Darrell to have to edit Rebekah’s kids out of her podcast. Although, he leaves in some of the fun parts. Rebekah believes in home and work harmony, so kids in the background is normal. 
  • [07:25] Rebekah originally started her business because she wanted to stay home and have an army of children. The army became less, but her business grew. 
  • [08:47] Rebekah wanted to keep her business growing, so she started building systems. She built a work system, a food system, a me system, and a family system. She talks about these on almost every podcast.
  • [09:13] The systems helped her nurture her family and run her business. She’s always asking how to incorporate her family into everything that she does. 
  • [10:20] She wanted her studio to be huge, so it would be owned by everyone in the family. 
  • [11:08] Rebekah’s mom is a master seamstress. When her mom would sew, Rebekah would grab scraps and try to make stuff, so her mom taught her to sew.
  • [12:11] She started sewing purses for gifts and then ended up selling them.
  • [12:36] She now has twenty stay at home moms on her team. Her mom is also part of the team. 
  • [13:44] Most podcasters have shows aligned to grow their businesses. Rebekah’s is about helping women be successful in their lives and equipping them with systems and the right mindset. It’s not created to bring business to her design business. 
  • [14:33] She really serves as an encourager or coach to people. 
  • [16:12] Rebekah shares the catalyst for beginning her podcast. She has it together, even in the mornings and wanted to share that. 
  • [16:39] People don’t have to feel chaotic or not feel successful. God told her this was teachable, and she needed to tell others about it.
  • [18:17] When Rebekah started her podcast, she began sharing everything she learned from running her business. Then she moved to helping build businesses and overcoming obstacles. Her podcast keeps evolving, but she mostly shares the lessons she’s learned. 
  • [20:02] In season eight, she has had to reflect on how she wanted the podcast in her life. She now does six episodes each series and once a month coaching. 
  • [22:28] She hasn’t found a great way to monetize the podcast. She tried a day with Rebekah, but wanted to have more access and be flexible, so she has a once a month Encourager group. 
  • [24:53] Listener’s should try different avenues and see what is best money and time wise.
  • [25:44] Shorter quality podcasts are better than more shows. Not every method works for every audience. Ask the audience what they want. 
  • [26:55] She has a Facebook community and sends twice a month emails to the list. 
  • [28:31] Tech is not Rebekah’s thing, but she has a Monday through Sunday agenda. It has what she needs to plan for including lunch, snack, and supper. It also includes her other tasks for the day and has blank lines for things she wants to add.
  • [29:36] She uses paper and then tears it up and throws it away at the end of the week. She also has a small calendar.
  • [31:59] Rebekah shares her book recommendations and talks about working from her zone of genius. Reading John Grisham also helps her creative brain relax.
  • [34:00] Her mom says life is a journey not a destination. Her dad is a hard worker. Ranchers are entrepreneurs. He also said this too shall pass. 
  • [36:09] Play the best case scenario and a worst case scenario. If the worst-case scenario isn’t going to kill you, give your idea a try. We often lack execution.
  • [37:14] A podcast is the simplest and cheapest form of getting your voice out there.
  • [37:46] She would like to reach a hundred thousand downloads, and she’s working on her second book. She would also like to coach  more women.
  • [38:49] Don’t ask the wrong people the right questions. Don’t be afraid of feedback.
  • [40:38] Rebekah shares a lesson she learned after losing her brother. Be in the moment. 
  • [44:32] Darrell’s takeaways: Rebekah developed systems for work, food, family, and me. These helped her find harmony and success. Her podcast has a seasonal format, and she continually adjusts the number of episodes. She’s found other ways like her encourager group to help other moms find harmony. Ask your audience what they want. Be in this moment.
“I started the podcast, and I really enjoyed the medium. I loved being able to serve almost like a ministry to help others.” -Rebekah Scott Click To Tweet

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