Using Your Podcast to Build Authority and Opportunities with Brad Larsen


“Podcasting can be done by anybody. You have to focus on what you need to do, learn about what the game looks like, and go out and get your feet wet.” Brad Larsen Click To Tweet

Today’s Episode:

Real estate is a very competitive business and the real estate podcast area is a very competitive category within podcast directories. Brad Larsen shares his successes, authority, and opportunities that have come because of his podcast. Brad talks about creating The Property Management Mastermind, Property Management Mastermind Show and The Property Management Conference. His story, advice, and humility are truly inspiring. Brad’s advice is very helpful and timely for everybody.

Brad Larsen was born and raised in Iowa – his parents were both school teachers. He graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM and was commissioned as a 2LT in the US Army Infantry in 1996. He then graduated from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa in 1998. He was able to earn a baseball scholarship for both schools as a shortstop. Brad later earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix in San Antonio, TX in 2011. After serving on active duty in the Army as an officer in the Infantry, Brad left the military as a Captain in 2002 and moved to San Antonio to pursue his interests in real estate. He has been managing single-family homes since 2004. Brad is a member of the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR), Texas Association of Realtors (TAR), National Association of Realtors (NAR), and the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®). Brad has been licensed since 2003 and has earned top honors in real estate to include the Platinum Top 50 award for agents in San Antonio. Brad is married to Leah Larsen and has two children. 

Brad is so selfless even though at times he tries to argue differently and invites everyone to come on this journey and learn along with him. This episode is packed full of great advice and tips for real estate, podcasting, and life in general.

“The podcast has created opportunities for me on a national scale including our annual conference.” Brad Larsen Click To Tweet

Show Notes:

  • [03:37] Brad shares what led him into the world of real estate. 
  • [04:06] Brad created the Property Management Mastermind where property managers can share ideas, thoughts, and collaborations on a national scale. Then he created his podcast, The Property Management Mastermind Show
  • [05:03] Brad’s podcast has opened up a lot of doors and opportunities including other business ventures and speaking gigs. 
  • [06:13] Brad looks at podcasting as an audio blog. 
  • [07:11] Brad shares how his business looked before his podcast and how it has expanded his business ventures. 
  • [08:43] Brad started a Facebook group and now has 8,600 members. This is another advertising avenue for getting the podcast shows out to more people. 
  • [10:09] Another opportunity the podcast has facilitated is a national annual conference called The Property Management Mastermind Conference
  • [10:32] All of his business ventures have stemmed from simply starting a podcast. 
  • [13:03] Brad really wants to improve and benefit the real estate industry. 
  • [15:40] On his podcast he tries to interview folks that he would want to understand better because likely others will also. 
  • [16:49] Brad started his own podcast so he could answer the questions he wanted to answer for the community. It was a better option for him than a webinar. 
  • [18:42] The podcast was a giant advertisement for his in-person live conference. 
  • [20:04] Brad’s next live conference, Property Management Mastermind Conference, will be in March 2021 in Las Vegas. 
  • [21:49] Brad has a Facebook Live every day to discuss current issues and how they affect renters and property managers. 
  • [24:13] The current issues will be short-lived, so we should have a quick spike back up when this is over. 
  • [26:08] The dollars are in the change. We are in the middle of change, so how we embrace it is going to be part of our attitude. We need to make it work for us. 
  • [28:29] If home prices go down, investors will create the bottom. It creates the basement and that it is as low as the market goes. 
  • [31:44] Brad recommends investing in residential single-family homes.  
  • [34:12] Brad has sponsors for his podcast that pay monthly or annually for commercials spots. This has helped to offset the cost of quality productions like Pro Podcast Solutions
  • [36:55] Finding the next good guest has been Brad’s biggest podcast challenge. 
  • [37:25] Brad suggest putting out content that is timeless, so people can go out to it years down the road. 
  • [39:24] Brad got used to podcasting, by creating Youtube narrations and videos for his real estate business. 
  • [40:12] Brad’s advice is to look at the competition. Brad looked to see how many podcasts were talking about property management before he started. 
  • [41:19] Don’t let your fear of podcasting intimidate you. 
  • [42:33] The goal of his podcast is just a bigger advertising campaign. It is important to tie podcasting in with other ideas and ventures. 
  • [44:01] Brad set a goal several years ago to make a million dollars a year. He is a long way, but he is getting on the right track. 
  • [46:02] Brad suggests checking out one of the first episodes of his podcast. His episode with Tim Melton has been the most downloaded episode. 
  • [46:21] Brad has found that doing live interviews in a remote location is very difficult, so he utilizes Zoom to record his podcast episodes. 
  • [48:13] Darrell’s Takeaways: Brad’s advice was really helpful and timely for everybody. He gave great advice for those who are landlords, tenants, and even those looking to get into income property. Brad recommended going hyperlocal with your podcast to really get involved with your community. He talked about using his podcast as a way to create opportunities and his authority. Because of his authority, he was able to create the Property Management Mastermind Conference. He is seeing a lot of success with his conference because of the authority he is establishing because of his relationships and podcast. Brad gave a tip to try and make content that is timeless. It is more important now to think about this then it was a month ago. Sometimes it is a good move to create content about current issues and sometimes it is not. Make sure you are using terminology, phrases, and titles that are not going to date and make your content seem like it is no longer relevant in the long term. 
“We are in the middle of change and so how you embrace it is going to be part of your attitude to make it work for you from every single angle.” Brad Larsen Click To Tweet

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